Thursday, 28 December 2017

What Types of Hotel Services Are Provided to Customer

With the increase the number of the hotel in Jabalpur & hotel chains, now when people travel they have a choice where to stay. This helps in increasing the demand for hotel services. For competing with other business hotel marble city is improving and increasing the services of its hotel.
The Following are the all types of hotel services provided:
The hotel provides well managed rooms. With comfortable beds along with clean sheets, access to television, wake up service, full bathroom facilities, Wi-fi service, breakfasts, and air-conditioning, guest can enjoy full stay there.
Most of the hotels have a convenient parking for the vehicles.
The visitors also take the advantages of the ancient natural spots.
  • Hotels in bhedaghat are designed beautifully, furnished and decorated. Hotel rooms give an amazing view to the guest from each side.
All most all hotels provide a 24/7 front desk services, laundry, and dry cleaning services.
Few hotels, allow pet with their guest, especially dogs.
For storing guest’s valuable things, safety deposit boxes are available.
Hotels have a facility of the dining room which serves delicious food.
Guests who are interested in doing exercise can take advantages of amusement services such as a gymnasium.
Most of the guest enjoys their privacy so the hotels take care of it.
  • The hotel offers complimentary access to the guest for the advance rooms booking & directly, the customer can enjoy a special rate that hotels offer.
For surviving in the market, hotels provide extra services to the customer because customers demand more services. It has important for the hotels to keep up with current customer trends, to stay in the market.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

How to retain your hospitality staff?

The hotel industry is growing at a good rate throughout the world. But the sad part is employees are switching their jobs from one hotel to another. According to one of the reports, hotel spends nearly 33 percent of their income as labor costs.
Hotel staff leaving jobs can cost owners, more than what they think, and in many other ways.  Owners have to appoint someone as a replacement. It cost them for recruiting, training and also a loss of productivity.
Co-workers attitude over a period of time plays a large roll whether an appointee will leave or stay for a longer time. Most of the staff at the hotel in bhedaghat jabalpur has been working for more than 5 years in the same hotel.
The spreading of the harmful idea in an organization cannot be ignored. If an organization has a bad or negative culture it will not able to retain the most loyal employee.
So if working culture is good, it bonds staff together and encourages the staff not to leave their present jobs. The positive culture among staff can be seen in hotel marble city.
To keep the bottom line strong, owners should see that they improve their hotel culture. And keep workers happy, so as to retain them for a longer duration. Here are certain ways hotel owners/managers can retain their talented staff.
  1. Using technology for hiring
Since calling for applications and segregating resumes. Taking interviews, recruiting, and training costs money, time and energy. Managers have to find better people who fit in present culture easily. So that they do not waste their every now and then for recruiting new individuals.
One can use new methods of recruiting. Like through social recruiting, employee referrals, or online video interviewing.  These types allow the recruiters to understand the personality. And work ethics of the future employee.
Using computers hotel owner/manager can store data, retrieve the data at will or whenever needed.  Also, candidates can be compared with each other. Many hotel in jabalpur has computer system. Where they store the data of all the applicants which they have received, on regular basis.
  1. Educate/train your employees
Enough training should be provided to new recruit before assigning any duties. While training hotel goals, values,  vision, and mission should be continuously be focused. The basic values of the hotel should be deeply embedded in their thinking and behavior. Even the old staff should be given refreshers training every now and then. So that they update themselves with the latest trends in the industry.
  1. Owners/managers should be mentors
Most of the hotel staff wants an experienced and trusted adviser. They want management to take interest in their welfare. The mentor should meet the employees as often as possible. Discuss their problems and performance. Hotel in bhedaghat holds a regular meeting every last Saturday of the month. So that management and staff interact with each other.
Staff members should be encouraged to give feedback. This feedback should be analyzed. If the occurrence is frequent than it should be solved on priority basis. This will stop the migration of employees. As they will feel that there is someone to look into their problems. Attrition rate will be lower.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Consumer relationship in the hospitality industry

Nearly all sectors and industries are undergoing dramatic change. The hospitality sector is also undergoing the same. Just as in any other field, in hospitality sector also continuous technological innovations are playing a major role. Hotel website allows the clients to get information about services offered with a click of a mouse. Book room and check for other available facilities. You can book a room in hotel marble city online
Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Google plus, etc. have infiltrated every industry and also has the power to change trends. They also shape the future of things to come.
Consumer expectation has also increased. Now a day’s advertising is also not taken on its face value. Gone are the days when hospitality industry used to collect leads and enquires. Now a day’s they have to retain their clients and build loyalty.
A reputation of the hotel depends on goodwill, perception, and word of mouth. It can get tarnished if the guests keep on complaining about their stay. Since everyone is hooked on social media, it spreads like wildfire. Many guests leave their comments on social media for the world to see. Hotel in bhedaghat, jabalpurhas a social media presence.
Customer relationship management (CRM) thinks that instead of marketing here and there, it is better to build a sustainable and consistent customer base. Things that come into play are people, process, and technology. Segmentation and uniqueness are the basis on which the industry thrives. The environment of the hotel depends on the guest which they entertain in the way.
In this age and time of cutthroat competition, the industry has to keep customer relationships in the forefront, while planning and making any strategy. There are many hotels in jabalpur who wish to have  big piece of the cake.
Costs like customer acquisition, price-sensitive travelers, brand loyalty, uncertain market conditions etc. are rising. Hence it makes customer relationship an important focus area.
Customer relation can be enhanced by first working on brand identity. If brand identity is not strong then customers will not listen to what you have to say. Your core values and long-term mission should be in a line of changing circumstances. Core values of staff of the hotel in bhedaghat are warm and welcoming.
Youngsters look for a brand that effectively uses current trends in advertising. They look for a brand that uses social media and other modern forms of approach. Like online booking, cancellation, easy payment methods etc. If the industry is out of sync, they lose customers, forget about retaining them.
Identifying your targeted customers is important. The concrete identity of your core values is needed around which everything revolves. Creating a brand on social media. Keeping customers informed of latest happening through emails. Getting feedback and reviews. Analyzing feedback and working upon it. All these can be managed with the use of computers.
Happy employees improve customer relationship. They treat guest with warmth, excitement, and cheerfulness.  If the staff is under undue pressure and fearful of higher authorities then they will not treat the guest well.
Employees should be trained to understand the value of emotions, caretaking, and warmth. This will set the establishment apart from others.

Monday, 13 November 2017

How to choose hotel which gives best value for your money

Planning for vacation or business trip, in some exotic location? Which relieves you from day to day office work? Well, one of the thing you will be looking forward to will be a comfortable hotel. You may google to find a hotel in bhedaghat jabalpur, something like that.
Hotel prices change from season to season. Hotels located on hill stations will be expensive during the summer season. They will give huge discounts during winters. Hotels in Switzerland will be expensive during winters and cheap during summers.
Nowadays more and more people are spending a good amount on tours and travels. The financial condition of travelers, they search hotels which give better amenities and services. Many tourists are spoiled of choices. So choosing a right hotel which gives comfort and value of your money. And that becomes more complicated. One can choose hotel marble city as such.
Here are few suggestions which will help you chose the hotel which will give you best value for your money
1. Book online in advance
See that you book a hotel well in advance so that you can get least prices. There are many hotels who give a good discount if booked online.
You can compare hotels, their prices, services etc. online. Because of the number of travel sites, it is easy and convenient to locate hotel by price, location. Visitor’s reviews can also be seen on the internet.
2. Rating
Hotels are given star ratings. They are judged on various specifications and parameters. They start from a single star, that is basic accommodation only to five stars and seven stars also. Which provide a host of the facility. Like swimming pool, gym, restaurant etc. Many hotels in jabalpur have a star rating.
Each star in the rating has its significance. But in each country, it is judged on different parameters. But the basic is, least star is usually for tourist who is on very tight budget. And most stars translates into luxurious and having all the facilities.
In international tourism alternative hotel ratings denotes its effort to promote cultural diversity. Different types of hotel ratings are Green key, Green globe, Salam standard etc.
3. Cheapest one
Do not get lured by the cheap price tag. Because the cheapest price tag is to lure visitors. It is modern day marketing strategy. Chances are that their add-on services are very expensive. It is better to pay a little more and have a good and comfortable stay.
4. Different location
Try to explore different hotels in different locations in the same city. Different areas have different prices for the same services. If you want a luxurious hotel at a cheap price, look for a hotel situated on the outskirt of the city.
But if you are a business traveler, hotel in city center should be preferred one. As you have to meet businessmen who are within city limits. On the outer skirts, you can find a good hotel in bhedaghat.
5. Brands
Whatever be the star rating you chose, two or five stars, go for the trusted brand name. Branded hotels are standardized. They will have facilities and environment everywhere.
In India, hotels are classified by Hotel and Restaurant Association Classification Committee. It comes under Ministry of Tourism. They have two broad classifications. They are Star and Heritage.
Always try to explore the options. And the internet can help you in judging. Which is best, priced in your budget, local travel facilities available. Near to tourist spot, distance from airport or railway station, etc.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

What types of hotel services are most liked by customers?

Planning for a business trip or a vacation to relieve you from everyday stress in the office or a family vacation or get together? The most important thing you will look out for will be the types of hotel services one will get at the hotel.
With more and more people spending a good amount on tours and travels, hence numbers of hotels are also increasing. This gives consumer more choices in selecting hotel which results in more demand for better quality of hotel services.
In order to attract more and more customers and getting a competitive advantage, they are improving and enhancing the services that they provide.
What actually does the guest want? What is their preference? Most of the guests look for certain services and facilities which are given below
1. Maximum guest prefers a clean room which has all of the essential conveniences. That is comfortable beds and with clean bed sheet, internet access, full bathroom facilities, like shower, soap and towel, arrangement for hot and cold water, free local calls, breakfast, newspaper. Rooms should be airy, spacious, well decorated and should not smell pungent. These are the hallmark of hotel marble city.
2. Most of the guest wishes to explore the city and surrounding tourist spots. Hence easily availability of transportation services nearby is preferred. Easy availability of car rentals or taxi services or local transport is advantageous. Or they except hotel staff to arrange one.
3. Apart from other hotel services, guest expects hotel staff to arrange for the reservation of movie tickets, lunch/dinner table, spa, hair salon etc. The attending staff should be a good at providing guidance of all tourists’ places in and around the city of stay. And also medical services that can be provided during an emergency.
4. Many guests prefer a member of the staff to be available 24 hours a day so as to cater to their needs. Staff should be polite, smiling and well mannered. The staff member of Hotel in Bhedaghat is available 24 hours a day for guest services.
5. Guest usually check for extra amenities that are available like extra cot (bed), towels, laundry and ironing services, baby cot, local magazines, TV channels, morning wake up facilities, gym or fitness center, swimming pools etc.
6. The hotel should have convenient and safe parking space for guest’s vehicle. Working elevator/lift with power backup and facilities like a ramp for differently able or elder people.
7. Many guests arrive with their pets like dogs or cats. They look for hotels that permit pets to be with them. Few hotel in Jabalpur provides this service.
8. Customers prefer hotels that have a dining room that serves good food at the economical price. A lounge is a nice place to meet friends or visitors, relax, chit-chat or have a drink.
9. Guests also look for recreational facilities like swimming pool, gymnasium, fitness center, bar, tennis or badminton court, children slides, swings, see-saw etc. Hotel in Bhedaghat Jabalpur provides this service
It has become important that for the hotel to stay competitive, they provide quality and reliable service so that when guests leave the hotel they are happy and satisfied. This will bring them more referral guests in long run.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

What is the meaning of standard room in hotel?

The rooms of the hotel are classified according to the number of beds in them, their size and their range of facilities. Prices of rooms in every hotel are different depends upon their convenience. There are the top three basic categories of the room for the hotel; on their based the hotel rooms are divided: Standard, Family Rooms and Suites. The category depends on the both big and small hotels. The big hotels make their own room categories by offering spa nearby rooms, which is called “Spa elite rooms”. On another hand, the “Pure” rooms are fashioned by using hypoallergenic materials.
The hotels offer different types of the layout according to the needs and convenience of all their guests. In almost all types of rooms, the most basic accommodation and amenities include the following types:
  • Beautiful bed – King or queen size.
  • Stunning bathroom – furnished with exclusive toiletries.
  • Essential furniture – beautiful chair, desk, table, dressing table, cupboard etc.
  • Electronic items – TV, DVD players, AC, Telephone, digital alarm clock etc.
Types of rooms
  1. Standard Room
A standard room comes in the category of the hotel’s cheapest room. It is a type of single room, which has a king-size bed, or as two beds – this room is decorated with two queen-size beds. A standard room includes all kinds of basic facilities such as a table, chair, desk, cupboard, dressing table, DVD player, television, telephone, coffee maker and a private bathroom. Offerings other amenities in the standard room also depend on the type of hotel. For the example, two-star hotels can provide slightly more than the basics. The standard rooms of a five-star hotel include flat-screen TVs, separate bars, expensive bath tubs and designer interior decoration in the room. The Hotel Marble City has been equipped with all these facilities in all standard rooms.
  1. Moderate Room
Normally, this room is slightly better than the standard room. The Moderate Room offers a stunning view and seamless comfort compared to the standard rooms. It can include the semi-double beds in the room. Each room of moderate room can be converted into a twin room with an extra bed. This room is designed to stay the extra number of people such as business or sightseeing travelers. The room is furnished with all luxury items such as television, telephone, AC, DVD player, table, chair, almirah, private stunning bathroom (with shower, bath module and all signature toiletries). There may be additional amenities such as trouser press, safety box, hair dryer, kettle and air purifier with humidifier function etc.
  1. Deluxe Room
As the name describes “Deluxe”, in this room view, location, advanced furnishings, decorations and shapes are deluxe in every way. Some hotels include additional amenities in these rooms such as a large writing desk, flattering flowers, upgraded bathroom and beautiful bathrobes. This room maximum comes in 4- and 5-star categories. Their facilities also depend on the types of hotels. Each and every facility of a deluxe room, you can take in the hotel in bhedaghat Jabalpur.
  1. Family Room
This room is designed to accommodate the families and family members. Some hotels provide family rooms with three or more beds. This one can accommodate three queen-size beds in a room, therefore it is also known as a triple room. Family rooms also provide spacious seating areas, which are doubled as a sleeping place, when the sofa exists on the bed. Some hotels offer bunk beds for the children. Family rooms are more commonly found in suits because they can accommodate many beds. There are maximum numbers of family rooms provided by the marvelous hotel in bhedaghat.
  1. Suite
A suit is like a subtle apartment inside the hotel. Apart from this, it is also called a deluxe room. The suit is much larger as compared to the standard room. There are bedrooms, living areas and kitchens can also be there. Suits are designed for use by merchants and families who live in hotels for an extended period of time. There are two type of splendid suit to stay, which are presidential and executive suite. These rooms are much spacious with excellent views and exclusive amenities. The suits are the most expensive rooms than the standard room, moderate room and family room in the hotel. The suit is one of the favorite choices as room to stay by the guest in a 5-star hotel in Jabalpur.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Best tips – how to improve loyalty for your guest?

Being an hotelier, you should know that maintaining guest loyalty is not an easy task. You not only should focus on getting new customers, but you should also be a preferred choice for your past and present guests. Your best hospitality and loyalty help to win the trust of your guest. It helps to become your hotel preferred choice for your guest also.  The Hotel Marble City in Jabalpur is attracting thousands of visitors today due to its specialty.
Some best tips to improve loyalty and preferred choice for your guest:
  1. Understand every need of your guest
The sign of a good and successful hotel is that they always stay in touch with their guests, listen to their problems and try to fulfill their needs. That’s why if you are an hotelier, then you should listen to your guests, collect their feedback, talk with them and fulfill their all needs. You should always keep pace with your guests. It is very important that hotels should have a good Property Management System (PMS), which automates operations, and staff take more time to communicate with guests. The hotel in bhedaghat Jabalpur always takes care of the every need of its guests.
  1. Stay in touch
After the guest leaves the hotel, the work of your hotel is not over here. Now, your hotel needs to reach the guests, ask for their response, thanks to them for their stay, and send them updates regularly about your hotel. This process helps in improving the value of your hotel – either for them or their friends and relatives to recommend your hotel. Give your guests a holiday option keeping in mind their needs so that they come back to your hotel to stay and enjoy your services.
  1. Ask for Response
Do not forget to take a response from your guests after the check out. Request them to give their feedback. Even if their feedback is negative, but their reaction is to know and contact them, apologize to them and tell them they will be criticized and they will be corrected as soon as possible. Always have your guests feel that their every opinion is taken seriously, that particular specialization helps bring your guests back even if the hotel If the hotel takes time to reach them and apologizes.
  1. Trained staff for better service
In any hotel, the entire staff should consist of a reliable, diligent and dedicated person. Because these three things are the powerful impact of any hotel. These impacts help your hotel to go one step ahead for the success. The maximum contribution to the service of the guest is to your staff. If your guests admired your staff, then surely these are your best signals. The hotel in bhedaghat has best-trained staff, which is known for their splendid services in Jabalpur.
  1. Easy to access with website or mobile
You should always ensure that your hotel’s website is mobile-friendly or not? Because every guest wants their hotel’s booking fast, reliable and without any trouble. Therefore, always make sure that options of the website and mobile booking are fast, smooth and bookings can be done through any page or not. The Hotel Marble City is the marvelous hotel in Jabalpur that provides easy access to advance and fast booking through this site.